Sunday, April 21, 2019

Noob Drawing Week 01

So I decided to start learning how to draw. I go through phases where outta nowhere I'll want to try something new. Learning to draw is mostly motivated by me wanting to do art for my zine & I've always wanted to draw some manga/anime stuff. I'm gonna post a weekly segment every Sunday called Noob Drawing Week where I post my weekly progress. I have no training or practice whatsoever. Everything I've done this week has been learned from Google and YouTube. Be warned there may be some "provocative" stuff.

Favorite Link from Majora's Mask

Idk wtf this is or why I drew it. 

Tried to draw the Pishtaco.

Here's where I learned about human sizes.

Found some Pokemon TCG art and tried to copy their poses.

More practice with standard person length.

First faces ever.

That's it. Not really ttrpg related but whatever. I thought it might be good/intresting to record my progress somewhere. This is probably 4hrs of practice over 2 days. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips.

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