Saturday, July 25, 2020

Flame Prïncess Cult Issue #1

So, if you're not in the LotFP Facebook group and you like LotFP stuff you should be. It's the most active and chill(no drama) LotFP forum right now and has a lot of cool fan stuff being churned out from it.

For example...

Blogger/Author Jeff Rients is making a FREE 3 issue (for now) Lamentations of the Flame Princess fanzine called Flame Prïncess Cult and Issue #1 is out!

If you want it all you have to do is join the group (or might not even need to join, idk FB is weird) to get a copy. Also you can submit art/writing to Jeff by following the guidelines in the post.

P.S. my Familiar Binding spell got into the zine (pg.11).   :D

The Night Alarm: the Advance!

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