Friday, May 17, 2019

Moon Baby//Lycanthropy

For my upcoming Egypt campaign one of my players expressed his desire to play as a werespider. I was perplexed and hesitant at first but why not? Lifespans in lamentations tend to be quickly and brutally extinguished. So, in order to fulfill this wish I had to do some research into Lycanthropy and how I would implement it into my game. I asked around the official LotFP Facebook page, the OSR discord and did some googling and got a lot of good feedback. I did struggle because I wanted to the curse to be powerful but with powerful consequences. Also I didn’t want it to be overly complex. Thankfully I was inspired by listening to one of Fantastic Dimension’s Rogue to Riches sessions and how he used the LotFP disease rules in his game.

Lycanthropy-Werewolf Strain

The curse of Lycanthropy acts much as a disease would so we’ll be using LotFP’s Rules & Magic disease rules as the base for the curse. The curse is transferred through bodily fluids, most commonly saliva via bite. On page.35 in the Rules & Magic book you’ll see diseases are broken up into four stages: incubation, infection, interval, and effect. We’ll use these to fill in what actually happens when your infected by Lycanthropy.
Note: I’ll be using the traditional werewolf as the example for this strain of Lycanthropy, in future posts I’ll be going over some other strains, the werespider and werecroc.

  • Incubation- The incubation time is from first infected to the time of the next full moon and every full moon after.
  • Infection- Every night that hosts a full Moon.
  • Interval- Every hour from night to dawn a Save vs Magic must be made, on a failure the infected loses control of themselves and the referee gains control of their character until dawn.
  • Effect- Transform into a werewolf.(see below). Takes one turn and is excruciatingly painful. Reverting back to human at dawn takes a round.

So in other words once infected to the time of the next full moon(incubation) and every full moon after(infection) the infected transforms into a Werewolf(effect) and must make a Save versus Magic every hour beginning at the full moon's peak and ending at dawn(interval) to retain control of their character. A failed save means the referee gains control.

Werewolf Stats

Armor 16, Move 180’, 5 Hit Dice, 25hp, 2x Claw 1d8 damage, 1x Bite 1d6 damage, Morale 10. Those bitten that survive must make a Save versus Poison or become infected with Lycanthropy. Double damage from Silver Weapons(triggers a immediate morale check when hit, will flee on a fail)

Retaining Control

The real reason anyone would even want to play a Lycanthrope, the possibility of harnessing the curse. How do you do it? Certain packs have devised religious rituals to soothe their bestial side. Others have had tamed their other selves through force and an overpowering persona. Here is one such ritual.

The Lunar Lullaby

Music is a gateway to the soul and some would say the key to one's humanity. One pack in southern France devised a way to keep control after their transformation by playing a secret piece of music written and known only to them. Learning this piece and having it played during your transformation grants a +4 to the Save versus Magic during the curse's intervals. Of course one would have to learn the piece which is a quest in of itself. 

Lingering Consequences

The biggest would be a TPK after the referee gains control of the werewolf. If you've seen An American Werewolf in London after the protagonist killed his best friend he was haunted by him, which Is a great idea for a lingering consequence. I would incorporate that as one of the effects of the curse, killing someone while the referee is in control means your haunted by that person. Even better(hilarious) if that person happens to be another player. Another consequence is the silver aversion, while in human form touching any silver has a immediate reaction by burning the skin, and is very obvious. And when something is obvious rumors are sure to spread...

The Cure

A Remove Curse spell during the incubation phase will cure the infected. However once the first transformation has occurred the only way to remove the curse is a lengthy quest(at referee's discretion).

Monday, May 13, 2019

Campaign Bucket List

Every DM/GM/Referee/Story Teller has a bucket list of campaigns they want to run. Here’s mine in no order:
  • Dark Sun not the 4e one, the OG one.
  • Egyptian themed campaign using LotFP (Currently working on this one)
  • Campaign set in Hell, heavily influenced by Dante’s Inferno.
  • Campaign set during the Judeo/Christian Apocalypse.
  • Space Horror. Mothership seems to fit the bill…
  • A Star Wars game set in the Old Republic.
  • 17th Century Japan using LotFP, heavy emphasis on demons.
  • A Fantasy campaign with a Isekai twist.
  • A monster of the week episodic game inspired by Supernatural.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Monkey Paws and Relics (Threads of Fate, Session II Recap)

Session II of my new ongoing Lamentations of the Flame Princess Campaign. See Session I here.

Boy oh boy was this Session a disaster. First the session failed to fire on the scheduled date due to peeps personal lives(understandable). Then after I managed to pity party everyone into playing the next day Discord managed to bite me in the ass. I don’t know if it was my internet connection or Discord being wack but the first half of the session was choppy and it was hard for me to hear and be heard. Finally out of frustration I moved the game over to Google Hangouts to try to salvage this session but by then the momentum was lost. Thankfully my players are awesome and bore through it. Once we moved to hangouts everything was working as it should and some laughs were had. If my players are reading this(as they should be since I post it in our group) thanks guys for being awesome! Anyways here’s what happened, bullet point style since it was a really short session.

The Cast

Cillian McCleary, Specialist 1:
Irishman in a hostile land.

Aki Ashina, Fighter 1:
A young woman hailing from the far eastern lands of Japan. Wears a eyepatch, speaks broken english and is looking for something or someone...

Otto Kuchin, Fighter 1:
Nobleman's son, turned sellsword, turned monster hunter. From Prussia.

Richard Islands, Fighter 1:
Ex-soldier, now poor mercenary. Looking for work.

Mildred Hubble, Magic-User 1: 
A horny 12 year old girl from a very secretive school for young spellcasters.

Linehart Helsbert, Magic-User 1:
Landlocked pirate looking for treasure and secrets. Extremely violent.

  • Party plots to steal St.Margaret’s holy mummified monkey from the crypt under the church. No plans are made to steal the saint’s relic...
  • They wait until nightfall then send the irishman Mcleary to scout out the church.
  • During the day they had wandered around town and discovered other(old) Nonsbeck was home to a convent behind the church. Seems the nuns are guarding St.Margaret's remains.
  • Mcleary rolls a successful stealth skill. He scopes out the area and memorizes the church grounds layout without being see by a nun sentry. Afterwards he returns to the inn and relays the information to his party members.
  • Party convenes on church, Mcleary is chosen to open the church doors, due to his roguish skills.
  • Mcleary checks for traps, then cracks the door halfway before hearing a voice from inside. A woman's voice. "H-hello?..." she says. "Is someone there?"
  • The party begins to make various kinds of animal noises, for some reason?
  • The party can hear the woman inside running further inside. Kuchin kicks the door open and sees a nun running towards the altar in the back of the church. He throws his detachable pommel and hurls it at the nun. He hits.
  • The woman falls over and the thieves shuffle towards her and gag and bound her, the Islands hides her in the confessional. 
  • They swabble a bit then search the church for the donation box. Mcleary finds it and gains +18sp.
  • Helsbert finds a musket the nun must have been going for and Islands finds a small bronze bell. (Ref's Note: The bell is rung ever hour to alert the outside sentry's that everything is ok.)
  • Mcleary & Ashina light torches and take the point and rear respectively in the marching order. The party descends into the crypt.
  • The party sees a well kept crypt with the western wall filled with graves and offerings. They spend a turn searching for traps then hear a rattling of chains before Mcleary almost trips over them.
  • More squabbling before Kuchin takes a torch and shines into the darkness revealing a young woman with a long chain tied to her ankle. "Please help me, the nuns keep me down here." she says.
  • The girl explains the nuns took her away and believe her to be possessed. They keep her tied down here at night. 
  • The party talks amongst themselves(more time wasted) then they free her when she says her parents will happily pay to have her back. She lives in London.
  • (Ref's Notes: me when they freed her.)
  • With nameless girl in tow the party continues down the crypt and comes across their prize, the holy monkey. 
  • Mcleary checked for traps(MVP this session) and after confirming there were none, the glass case is removed and the monkey stolen.
  • The party moves back upstairs into the church then waste more time squabbling before heading to the church door but the doors open to reveal three nuns with muskets standing before them.
  • The head nun questions why they freed the nameless girl then they level their muskets.
  • Kuchin quickly shoots the main nun then the other party members scatter behind pews while Islands retrieves the nun from the confessional and uses her as a human shield.
  • I decided to simplify initiative by using the opposed d6 roll for each side rule. Turns out this is extremely deadly for the losing side. The party wins initiative and I roll morale to see if the remaining nuns stay to fight after seeing their leader killed. They do. (Ref's Notes: In hindsight I should have rolled a surprise check. Oh well.)
  • The two remaining nuns are quickly dispatched brutally and efficiently.
  • The party escapes into the night.
-After 3 days travel and no random encounters the party arrives at Nonsbeck.-
  • They hide the monkey paws in the woods then return the pawless monkey to the quest giver Lonna. She looks a little disappointed but Kuchin assures her it was like that when they found it. She thanks them and hands them the deed to the manor.
  • Ashina inquires about Lonna's younger sister.
  • The party looks around and sees the nameless young woman from the church playing in the field with Lonna's younger sister Cremilia. The party is creeped out.
  • The party talks to the blacksmith in Nonsbeck for a bit before returning to the woods to reclaim their monkey paws. 
  • They gather around in a circle and begin making wishes of the monkey paws.
The Wishes
Each party member states their wish then breaks a finger on the paw.

Aki Ashina wishes to speak fluent english, then silence.
Otto Kuchin wishes to be a millionaire, then silence.
Richard Islands wishes for prosperity for his future brothel, then silence.
Mildred Hubble wishes for spellbook with all the spells, then silence.
Linehart Helsbert wishes for more guns, then silence.

The party waits a moment then concludes the wishes must have a delayed effect...

  • Helsbert becomes furious and threatens to shoot people after realizing the wishes were a lie.
  • They party argues for a bit, again.
  • Then they decided to return to London to sell back the church woman to her parents and the monkey paws to Vespero.
  • When they go to speak with the nameless church woman they notice she's gone.
  • They shrug their shoulders and plan their trip to London. "I'm sure she'll turn up." Kuchin says.
Treasure gained: 18sp, A bronze bell, Two mummified monkey paws and feet.
Bonus XP: +100 for Session attendance, +5 to each character for the nuns.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Nábrók (Corpse Trousers)/Necropants

I was listening to the newest Last Podcast on the Left episode about Icelandic Sorcery and was inspired to make a magic item from one of the occult objects they talked about, Necropants.

-Nábrók (Corpse Trousers)/Necropants.
Allows the wearer to reach into their Necropants(the scrotum pocket) and pull a silver coin from it once a day. 1-in-6 chance to pull a gold coin. Works as long as the original widow's coin isn't removed.

In order to create a pair of Necropants a Magic-User must first complete the following ancient ritual:
  • Make a true male friend.(Why male? We need that scrotum pocket!)
  • Ask said friend to let you skin them from the waist down upon their natural death.
  • If yes, proceed. If no, make a new friend.
  • Wait until friend is buried, then dig him up and skin him. Make a relevant skill check to not damage it or hire a flesh tailor.
  • Once you have the skinned flesh of your friend, steal a coin from a poor widow.
  • Place stolen coin in scrotum along with a runic symbol.
  • Put Necropants on and bathe in goats milk under the moon.
  • Profit???
Congrats your now the proud owner of a pair of Necropants! Taking them off requires a Remove Curse spell.
These'll make a great addition to the magic items for sale at the Ghoul Market. Or make your insane Magic-User NPCs wear them. Anyways let me know what you think!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Familiar Binding, Redux

Samuel's arms fell limp as he slumped to his knees before the gruesome scene before him. Her body lay contorted and strewn across the hay smothered floor in sea of red. The girl's once sky blue eyes stared dulled and vacantly towards one of the shadow soaked corners of the room. From the darkness appeared two hellish points of lights, crimson in color, followed a fiendish voice that croaked from the dark. "The pact is complete young Samuel, thine sibling's soul for the unnatural knowledge thy so desired." "Take thine hand and dab her cooling essence unto the book." A few somber moments passed before the boy sheepishly rose with inky black tome in hand. He took just enough steps before collapsing beside his sister's ruined form. The boy caressed her cheek careful of the torn parts then closed her eyes. After he soaked his hand in the thickened pool around him and pawed into his grimoire the hurried whispers of his familiar.

I was feeling lazy so I decided to steal an old post from my dead blog and update it here. I was pleasantly surprised to find the above scene, I dont even remember writing it.
Anyways the spell to summon a familiar has been done so many times already but I wanted to add my own take to it. I wrote this last year but here it is cleaned up & updated.

The following is a 1st level spell for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

-Familiar Binding-

Throughout history witches & warlocks have taken beastial familiars as aids to their spellcraft. This spell allows the magic-user to bind a otherworldly entity into a contract, bestowing gifts of knowledge and power in exchange for sacrifices. The process takes 8 hours of constant chanting and spell weaving and must not be interrupted by outside forces. The spell must be cast at night.

The entity requires a vessel to house it while it lingers on this plane. The caster must provide the corpse of one of the following:
  1. Hare
  2. Monkey
  3. Crow
  4. Lizard
  5. Snake
  6. Rat
  7. Cat
  8. Goat
  9. Toad
  10. Dog
  11. Owl
  12. Tarantula

  1. A child.
  2. A Beautiful person.
  3. A Hideous person.
  4. A Party Member.
The following may be offered during the casting to increase the chance of success:
  • Burning of 500sp worth of incense. +1 to Save.
  • Ritual Sacrifice of a sapient innocent. +1 to Save per HD of sacrifice(s).
  • Burning of elaborate candles wrought from human fat. +1 to save.
After the end of the casting make a Save vs Magic.
  • If successful, continue to the bargaining portion of the spell.
  • If failed, the spell must be performed again from the beginning with fresh components.

The Bargain & Contract

Once contact has been established, the bargaining process begins. The player rolls randomly to determine the familiar's demands but may choose a boon.

The Familiar demands...

  1. Blood fed from your breast, 1d3 hp's worth per week.
  2. Ritual Sacrifice of a Virgin, 1 HD's worth per week. 
  3. No hair to be on your body, you must groom daily.
  4. One of your limbs which it devours once the bargain is complete.
  5. You only consume live insects for sustenance.
  6. Wealth, to be burned in ritual sacrifice. 50% of all treasure/income gained each week.
  7. Pain, you must inflict X points of damage to a human being each week. X equals your hit points.
  8. Your offspring(all of them, forever), if none your fertility, if none your genitals. Roll again if you possess none of these things.
  9. You worship it. You must dedicate an entire day(12 hours) to worship once a week.
  10. You always lie or tell the truth, flip a coin each day to determine.
  11. You consume the blood of a whore, 1 cup per day. (Diseases may apply.)
  12. You are always intoxicated. See Drunk rules in Rules & Magic book.

In exchange...

  1. You are able to use your familiar as a magical conduit, you may cast an additional spell per day without penalties, of any level.
  2. You get the Devil's luck, you may reroll any of your dice rolls, once per day and take the better result. Twice per day at 6th level & after.
  3. The familiar has denied your death, you resurrect 13 hours after you died in a nearby cemetery/graveyard. Roll on a Dismemberment chart and add that deformity to your body. You will only be resurrected a number of times equal to your Charisma score.
  4. Your left hand turns to gold. Anything you touch with this hand turns to gold.
  5. Your iris turns blood red when this ability is used, you instantly learn any spell you see cast. Save vs magic for each time you use this ability more than once a day. Failure means you go blind in one eye then the other if failed again.
  6. The familiar grants you the tongue of babel allowing you to be understood in any language.
  7. Your blood has healing properties for others. 1 HP worth of blood heals 1d2+1 hit points.
  8. Your familiar has stolen a angel's voice, you may cast the cleric spell Command once per day. Twice at 6th level & after.
  9. Your familiar revels in combat, you gain the Fighter's Attack Bonus and progression.
  10. You may cast Dispel Magic as the Cleric spell, once per day. Has no effect on the Familiar and it'll mock you relentlessly if tried.
  11. You gain supernatural beauty,  +1 to CHA mod. You may cast Charm Person once per day without expending a spell slot.
  12. The familiar whispers demonic knowledge to you in your sleep. You gain 2 Skill points and have a 1-in-30 chance to gain a skill point each night.
Additionally having a familiar reduces all costs and time associated with spell research. This represents the familiar's knowledge as it aids your research.

-Final Notes-

  • The Familiar is its own entity, not a slave to be commanded at will, it has its own goals and ambitions and should be played as such by the Referee.
  • If the magic-user does not perform his/her's sacrifices, the Familiar will redact it's boon & bestow a curse it it's place. Only a great tribute please the familiar.
  • If the Familiar is not given its sacrifices after a week it will drag its master to hell, killing them in the process.
  • The familiar has HD equal to the caster's level and is immune to non-magic attacks. Should the familiar die it will reappear 3 days later in the same form it was summoned in.
  • Breaching the contract with the familiar is a quest in of itself.
  • Should the Caster be killed their familiar will explode into a summon spell equal to twice the caster's level and automatically be out of control. 

Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow for a new post every week! Sometimes 2 posts!

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Physical LotFP Collection

Here's my physical book collection for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I used to have the Grindhouse Box but sadly it was lost to time. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Church of St.Margaret (Threads of Fate, Session I Recap)

Earlier in the week while walking my dog I was struck with the insatiable urge to run a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game. I contacted my regulars, asked if anyone was down and got a good response. I didn't want to disturb our bi-weekly home game (currently a Mutants & Mastermind game my sibling is running) so we decided on Discord to run LotFP on the off-week.  I'm using a official LotFP module mixed with some homebrew and Vacant Ritual Assembly #1, I would name said module here but my players are gonna read this and I feel it'll spoil too much so please bear with me.  I also promised I would starting writing up recaps again for my games since my players seem to enjoy them.

House Rules:
  1. VAM/EC Rules, M-U's start with (1)1st level spell of choice & 1 randomly determined spell from the entire list.
  2. Player's who sent me a vid of them rolling their character's stat gen(instead of using the online generator) got a special randomly determined bonus.
This new impromptu campaign shall hence be named "Threads of Fate". Set in spring of 1689, a group of vagabonds received a odd job from London antiquities dealer Vespero. The job entailed the descendants of St. Margaret of Nonsbeck requesting help resolving a "civil matter".

The Employer Vespero

The Cast

Cillian McCleary, Specialist 1:
Irishman in a hostile land.
Aki Ashina, Fighter 1:
A young woman hailing from the far eastern lands of Japan. Wears a eyepatch, speaks broken english and is looking for something or someone...

Otto Kuchin, Fighter 1:
Nobleman's son, turned sellsword, turned monster hunter. From Prussia.

Richard Islands, Fighter 1:
Ex-soldier, now poor mercenary. Looking for work.

Mildred Hubble, Magic-User 1: 
A horny 12 year old girl from a very secretive school for young spellcasters.

Our party arrived in scenic Nonsbeck after a week's journey from London. The chapel on the hill grew as the party made their way up the road towards the hamlet's smithy. The sound of hammer against metal echoed while seemingly matching their steps. Otto the pragmatic went to sponge some intel from the blacksmith and was greeted to a tall lanky young man appropriately named Tall Fridolin. Fridolin was the Smith's apprentice and was currently filling in for his master who was off reshoeing some horses for a local. Small talk was exchanged before Otto asked the boy the whereabouts of the saint's descendants using Vespero's job confirmation letter but unfortunately Fridolin is illiterate. Annoyed the party sets off to the local inn after questioning their employer's cognitive functions for not bestowing a address for the clients. (Ref's note: Vespero, the character's employer is an old quack. Think Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. No address was given for the clients just that they lived in a hamlet called Nonsbeck. For more on Vespero check out Vacant Ritual Assembly #1)

An old well sat ominously between some nearby stables and the inn. The stench of said stables mixed unpleasantly with the wafting aroma of freshly baked bread from the inn. As the group huddled in front they noted the worn plaque above the door, the Laughing Ox, and the sounds of merry making inside, then entered. They're greeted to a quaint inn, quite homely in fact. It smells of home cooked food and the straw underfoot is fresh and easy to walk on. Sunshine that radiates through glass windows near the ceiling keeps the inn well lit and cheery. The owner a German fellow named Boserd waves them in and calls to his wife; a portly woman named Mama Duretta to sit and serve the party. The party takes note of four farmers sitting at another table across from them, laughing at some inside joke between friends. They exchange nods before the farmers return to their jokes and drinks. The party is suspicious of them but seems to relax after they notice the farmers pay them no mind. Mama Duretta takes their orders, mostly alcohol, warm milk for little Mildred, and a meat pie for the strange foreign woman Aki who only pointed at the hand drawn menu art. (Ref's Note: Aki is Japanese, in 17th century England. I let her roll to see if she's fluent in English. She's not.) After finally taking everyone's order and being flirted with quite vicariously by the self proclaimed monster hunter Otto, Mama Duretta giggles politely and returns to the kitchen. If her husband notices the gaul and disrespect to his wife he does not show it. 

The party converses amongst themselves and are eventually told by the owner Boserd that the family they're looking for frequents the Laughing Ox and may make an appearance tonight but will not give out their address to strangers. Frustrated the party plans to march up the hill to the church and get these people's address no matter what. Some time passes and their food & drink is brought out by a eye catching young woman named Fraulein. She has jet black hair, pristine skin and vibrant blue eyes. She is set upon almost immediately by the womanizing Otto. Only after Boserd slammed his musket on the bar top does the relentless flirting cease. “Please, leave the child be” he says. Apologies are cast and Fraulein delicately places their orders on the table, red faced. Seeing the failure of her comrade, the child witch Mildred makes a pass at the teenager but her flattery is mistaken for female kinship and only a demeaning head pat is received. The party notices the waitress walks back to the kitchen with a pronounced limp(jokes at her expense are had) then eats, drinks, and leaves the 3sp bill with poor Aki. Our adventures begin their trek up the hill ignoring my attempts to lure them to the nearby stables to introduce my Stable Boy NPC.

The party makes it to the church on the hill and notes the cemetery surrounding it. They spend a turn searching the graves for anything weird but don’t find anything of note. They enter the church and meet Father Cristof a decently handsome man marred by a single hairy wart on his left cheek. (Austin Power jokes are dusted off) Little Mildred sits in one of the back pews and kicks her feet over the ground since they don’t quite reach while sitting, it's super creepy. Half the party admires the beautifully made stained glass that adorns the west & east walls. Each pane depicts the church’s patron Saint Margaret in different scenes and poses, under each is a chapter number from the bible. The other half of the party attempts to extract the location of Margaret’s descendents from the holy man. Only after explaining they were hired to perform a job and presenting the confirmation letter does the priest tell them where their client can be found, a farm a couple miles east of Nonsbeck. The party is relieved and eager to leave before Father Cristof offers to recant the tale of St.Margaret, they pass and quickly vacate the church.

(Ref's Note: If your like me and wondering what part Cillian & Richard play in this adventure, well you and me both. Though it's about now in the adventure that I'm reminded that Cillian is Irish. Not a good time to be an Irishman in England right now. Hopefully the next session those two will have more input but this was only a short test run with Discord so I put no pressure on anyone except poor Aki. Ha.)

After a short walk the characters arrive at their destination, a small farm east of Nonsbeck supposedly home to St. Margaret's descendants. The farm sits in the middle of a small forest, a dozen cows graze lazily in the cool spring sun. It's a little before 3pm. Playing amongst the cows is a small orange haired girl wearing a long white dress and sandals. She sees the party coming up the road and hides behind a cow. Aki slowly approaches the child and pulls a vibrant blue flower not native to this land from one of her flowing sleeves. The child gasps at its beauty and runs up to Aki who is now crouching at her level holding the flower for the girl to see. The girl comments on its beauty and Aki offers it to her, the girl gasps again and thanks the strange woman putting the flower in her hair to display. The party asks where an adult can be found and she points to the house up the road. They continue, unbelievably suspicious and on guard. They arrive at the house which has no strangeness to it. It's just a normal house for the time if not a little run down. They knock on the door. A muffled woman's voice answers a moment after, "who is it?" And sounds slightly annoyed as if interrupted. The party states they were hired for a job from this estate. Silence for moment, then "give me a minute!" A minute passes. A tallish petite woman maybe around 30 with long orange-red hair and dull green eyes opens the door. "A job? Oh right. Well, come on in." The party looks at one another with hesitation but enters.

The house is neat but doesn't have enough furniture for the whole party to sit comfortably so most stand. Introductions are exchanged and the woman now named Lonna explains that her Great, great, grandmother was St. Margaret of Nonsbeck and that their job is to retrieve her mummified talking monkey from the thieving folk of old Nonsbeck. The party is perplexed but a job is a job and the pay is discussed. "Oh, didn't your employer tell you? We have no coin but Nonsbeck has agreed to offer an old manor outside of town as compensation." (Ref's notes: I swore I could hear the creak of raised eyebrows over the player's near spontaneous moaning.) After tons of what's wrong with it questions the party agrees to take the job only after inspecting the manor for themselves. Lonna approves and returns to her chores outside after pointing the party to the estate's location. Lonna's younger sister Cremilia, the one given the flower earlier is nowhere to be found. The parties suspicion grows.

Once out of earshot of Lonna the party immediately discusses what kind of monsters the sisters are, vampires? Demons? "No way two young women can run a farm by themselves with no men", Otto says to the approval of his comrades. After about 20 minutes of walking the party arrives at the manor to find it A) actually exists and B) "Isn't that bad", my words. The party enters, tries to feel out if its haunted but nothing feels off. In fact once the curtains are opened the place is quite, and I've used this word alot tonight, homely. More raised eyebrows but the party is satisfied for now and returns to Lonna to inform her they've accepted the job and are off to old Nonsbeck to get their family heirloom back. She tells them it probably rests in old Nonsbeck's church crypt with St. Margaret's remains. When asked why St. Margaret is buried in old Nonsbeck and not new they're told she wished to be buried at her birthplace but new Nonsbeck only agreed if they got to keep the monkey. Somehow Old Nonsbeck took the monkey too. After being wished good luck they're off on the road again. 

A small nod to my favorite game

~3 days travel passes with no random encounters rolled to my disappointment.~

The party arrives at Old Nonsbeck and alarm bells are immediately raised. The town has a smith, stable, and church just not on a hill. They quickly try to pass the Smith and see who runs it expecting to see a doppelganger of the teenage apprentice from New Nonsbeck but are relieved to see an older bald gentlemen who greets them kindly. Some words and prices for goods are discussed and party heads to the inn named the Yawning Wolf. A burly Russian woman mans the bar and ushers them in. One thing the party notes is how seemingly dull and lifeless this hamlet compares to new Nonsbeck. The party attempts to get a free stay and succeeds after playing their trump cards, Aki the esoteric foreign woman with a +1 CHA mod and the adorable dough faced witch girl who the barkeep is immediately smitten with.

And that was where we ended it. The players told me they plan to scout out old Nonsbeck and learn the inhabitants routines before the next Session which I'll roll for. They want to gather enough info before they try and steal the mummified talking monkey. Which is fine, my players are the planning type and I want to start off the next Session with some action since now I'm more comfortable with Discord.

Oh and also they plan to cut off the monkey's paws which surely must have wishes to grant.

Treasure Gained: 0
Bonus XP: +100 for Session Attendance.

Read Session II here!

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Noob Drawing Week 01

So I decided to start learning how to draw. I go through phases where outta nowhere I'll want to try something new. Learning to draw is mostly motivated by me wanting to do art for my zine & I've always wanted to draw some manga/anime stuff. I'm gonna post a weekly segment every Sunday called Noob Drawing Week where I post my weekly progress. I have no training or practice whatsoever. Everything I've done this week has been learned from Google and YouTube. Be warned there may be some "provocative" stuff.

Favorite Link from Majora's Mask

Idk wtf this is or why I drew it. 

Tried to draw the Pishtaco.

Here's where I learned about human sizes.

Found some Pokemon TCG art and tried to copy their poses.

More practice with standard person length.

First faces ever.

That's it. Not really ttrpg related but whatever. I thought it might be good/intresting to record my progress somewhere. This is probably 4hrs of practice over 2 days. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pishtaco, Fat Eater

I remember watching a episode of Supernatural where a pair of fat eating monsters open a very successful weight loss clinic. Only after one of the monsters starts greedily taking too much fat and killing people do they draw the ire of hunters. I really liked that idea and after doing some research it turns out the monsters, called a Pishtaco, is a local legend from the Andes region in South America. If you want the history & lore check out the wiki here. I'm going to be taking the skeleton of the monster and changing it to better suit what I want it to do.

Here’s the stats real quick:

Pishtaco/Fat Eater
Armor 16, Move 60′, 5 Hit Dice, 22hp, Big Nasty Knife 1d8 then Fat Suck, Morale 9. Fat Suck, the victim makes a Save vs Paralyzation, a failure means they're pinned. At the start of each round a pinned character takes 1d6 Constitution damage and the Fat Eater gains that much hp back as a animated intestine erupts from the Pishtaco's stomach and sucks the fat from the knife wound. At the end of the round the pinned character may make another save to escape.

The Pishtaco looks like a morbidly obese person(usually caucasian) dressed in the local fancy attire. It travels in a carriage with a entourage of followers that wants the “healthy” look the Pishtaco has. The Pishtaco travels town to town offering its services to those who can pay.

The Pishtaco Services

  • The Pishtaco can transfer fat from one person to another. When the Pishtaco steals the fat from humans it can't digest it completely and it forms a kind of ambergris in the gut. Once enough fat is gathered it can extracted via vomiting or opening up its stomach upon death. The ambergris can be mixed with water or alcohol(masks the horrid taste) to make a high caloric cocktail. Consuming one pound of Pishtaco ambergris adds 25 lbs of weight once digested and adds 1 Point of Constitution to a maximum of 18. 
  • Consuming too much ambergris at once usually leads to heart attack. Save Vs Poison or die for each pound consumed more than twice a day. Note:Make sure to add encumbrance to characters who become overweight.
  • Additionally the ambergris has an odd curative effect. If made into a poultice and spread onto a wound it will heal faster and not scar. In game terms a PC heals at twice the usual rate. 
  • Candles made with Pishtaco Ambergris last twice as long.

1 lb of Pishtaco Amergriss is worth 500sp to the right people or can be bought from the Pishtaco for a service or some fat, just a bit.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Key to One's Heart

A Key to One’s Heart
Magic-User Level 1
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

Casting this spell requires a favored item of the targets' such as an old toy or family heirloom that is consumed during the casting.
Once cast this spell conjure's an ethereal key in the likeness of the consumed item that allows one to unlock the target’s subconscious. The key remains on the material plane until dispelled, the caster dies, or the target dies. The key is used to "edit" a unlocked mind with one or more of the following effects:
  1. View any memories the target possess when asked a question.
  2. Remove one memory.
  3. Fabricate a false memory and force the target to believe it as true.
  4. Make a suggestion the target must comply with.
The suggestion can be as simple as changing the target’s favorite food to as complicated as making them believe a once loved family member greatly wronged them(if the suggestion is done well). Any memories viewed are done so by looking into the target’s eyes. If the target has no eyes viewing memories is not possible. The key holder may make multiple edits but doing so allows the victim to make a Save vs. Magic for each extra edit to break the lock, permanently closing their mind to this spell.

This spell was made for the Henry Clarke project posted by Cavegirl's Game Stuff and is CC BY 4.0

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Gambler

"I thrice had a name, twice a face, and once a soul but lost each to myself."

The Lore

The Gambler is an ancient cursed gamer(self-professed King of Games) that wagered it’s identity* against an old god and lost. Now it wanders the globe eternally cursed to lose any sense of self it may regain.

*Identity consists of a person's Name, Appearance, & Soul.

The Gambler's outward appearance varies based on the local fashion at the time. For example if encountered in the default 17th century period LotFP uses it wears a fresh white doublet beneath a pristine buff coat with fashionable trousers and speckless black leather boots(all won from bets). Where skin would be seen are worn bandages with most assuming the Gambler is a leper. A simple wooden mask conceals its featureless face. Beneath the Gambler’s bandages is a mannequin-like body of a sculpted marble human. A strong minty scent wafts off the Gambler due the peppermint it rubs in the cracks of its skin to keeps fairies from collecting a debt it owes. The Gambler speaks in a low almost whispering voice and is well mannered(a bit dull personality wise) but fiercely competitive and will grow frustrated with each loss though never to the point of violence.

Location & Rules

The Gambler is well known in the underground gambling scene and those there will point to its last known location or current one, for a hefty price. The Gambler stays in one place until it gains a few new identities then goes on to quickly lose them attempting to win back its original self to the same god that cursed it. The Gambler can also be found at Vacant Ritual Assembly's Ghoul Market.

When encountered the Gambler will introduce itself as the King of Games and offer to play a game of its choice with a wager. If the players demand to choose the game and/or wager the Gambler will offer to flip a coin for it. If the PCs win, they can choose the game & terms. The Gambler knows how to play all traditional games and will quickly learn new ones once explained. It has a near infinite supply of treasure to wager with though not all on its person.

The games it chooses to play should reflect the time period. The Gambler's current games of choice are Veintiuna(21) & Liar’s Dice which were popular at the time(I also know how to play them!). If you don't want to play a board/card game  or don't have/know any on hand, offer to play these:
  1. Staring Contest
  2. Arm Wrestle
  3. Rock, Paper, Scizzors
  4. Thumb War
  5. Hangman
  6. Charades
If you want to narrate the game and use a dice to determine the outcome have the players roll a d6 and add any relevant modifiers, then have the Gambler roll a d10. Highest number wins.

The buy in for the first game is 100sp(or higher if the players are ballsy) for each player participating. Winner gets the pot. The Gambler will accept and explain essence* in lieu of coin. Once the first game is over the Gambler will offer to play another round with the bet doubled each time. If the player's tire of playing for coin, the Gambler will offer magic items, or valuable information. The Gambler WANTS/NEEDS identities, its desperate to get its old self back and become human again.

*See Vacant Ritual Assembly #1 for Essence.

Any coin/treasure won from the Gambler counts as XP once the encounter is over. This should keep the PCs coming back for more punishment. If the PCs rack up a debt and cannot pay immediately(no talking their way out of this one) the Gambler will nonchalantly offer to erase it in exchange for their identity. If asked what that entails, the Gambler just says “It shan't be missed”. If they refuse to pay up then the Gambler will forcibly take it by removing its mask and sucking their identity through a small hole where its mouth should be. An eerie whistling sound is heard when this transpires. Should the PCs turn to violence, the Gambler will defend itself with rapier & pistol, & Identity Theft if the requirements are met. See stats below.

The Gambler
, 8 HD(30HP)
AC 18(Marble Body) Movement as Human
Save as Fighter = to HD
Morale 10
2x Attacks: 1x Rapier Attack & 1x Pistol Attack(has 4 loaded hidden in Buffcoat)
Identity Theft: (Once per round)
If the target/character owes any form of debt to anyone, the Gambler may suck out their identity. No save.
Losing your Identity:
  • All your Ability Scores become 10.
  • Everyone forgets you existed(except you & the Gambler).
  • Your body becomes featureless & mannequin-like.
  • Pacifism: you lose your fighting spirit & flee this battle. Save vs Magic each new combat to avoid fleeing. 
Gambler's Loot:
3d6 x 500sp, 1d4-1 Minor Magic Items*, 1d4 worth of identities it can burn Essence with.
*I really liked Bernie the Flumph's Ghoul Market Items, so I would use those for the Minor Items.

*Me when I introduce the Gambler.


  • Defeating the Gambler causes all currently held identities(1d4) to return to their owners. This also pisses it off.
  • The Gambler is cursed to gather identities eternally and thus will respawn 1d4 weeks in a corpse buried in a shallow grave closest to where it died. It regains its marble body and will track down the PCs for a “final game”, death.
  • If the PCs encounter the Gambler a couple of times & pay their debts without hostility, the Gambler will offer to trade identities from its current stock as a show of goodwill. Doing this allows the PCs to trade their current identities for a new one. This entails a new Name, Appearance, and Soul(Reroll all Ability Scores).
  • Becoming besties with the Gambler gives them its backstory & info on the god of Gambling that cursed it. Perhaps a Quest to aid the Gambler in regaining its identity?

Let me know if you use this thing and how it goes!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

O Povo do Buraco #2 [Review]

Last month I wrote about Brazilian LotFP fanzine O Povo Do Buraco #1 and today we'll be looking at Vol #2.


O Povo Do Buraco #2 is a 48 page zine written by Carlos Silva, Tertoleone, Diego Santos, & Caleb Benjamin. With Illustrations done by Diego Santos, Rafael Balbi, & Diego Bassinello. The zine has four sections, an adventure named "Harvest", a section of torture implements called "Inhuman Instruments of Pain", a magic item section aptly named "Tools of Mayhem and Chaotic Destruction", and finally a toolkit called "Hunters Wanted."


The zine's layout is the typical two column spread, simple but useful. The adventure presented as "Harvest" takes place in a middle of nowhere village that's fallen on hard times and is beset with crop failures, weird grasshoppers and a demon lurking behind the scenes. Pretty good stuff, each main NPC has a their own original portrait of art, again this one of the main strengths of this zine. The adventure gives a timeline of events to happen and leaves the ending up to you, as it should. I never really liked prewritten endings D&D is too unpredictable for them. Moving on to the next section, a two page spread of art regarding torture implements. No stats are given but everything is shown how it works using the art, which  makes it very easy to use at the table. Just like Vol #1 the magic items are really fun and weird for example: The Grills of Satanic Doom a set of sharpened gold teeth that cause intense bleeding and transmutes blood to gold. Fucking sweet. I'm not a huge fan of the last section which is just a kind of, guild? Merc group? Basically your part of a group called Black Hounds and you get paid to take contracts and get some perks. Its a meh for me. I did enjoy the item list for the Hounds at the back that has a fucking Gunblade?! Anyways Vol #2 of O Povo Do Buraco is a big step up in terms of usability and content compared to Issue 1, definitely check it out.

Entertainment Value

I really enjoyed this Zine it had me laugh out loud a couple times and was just a fun read in general. I really wanted to talk about the art real quick and how the creators use put it to good use. There is A LOT of art for a free zine, good quality art. My favorite pieces are the demon used in the adventure followed by the magic items that each have their own pieces done in a stained glass style. It makes them feel special, something I hope to see in any following issues. That said I was definitely entertained by O Povo do Buraco #2 and I'm looking forward to future issues. Download Vol #2 Here(its Pay What You Want), and make sure you throw the authors some monies for their work, art isn't cheap! 

*Notes* Should I call these reviews? I'm not sure, it's more of a spotlight-talk about something kind of thing. Let me know in the comments if I should rename these "reviews".

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Campaign Building 01: Premise & Themes

When prepping for a new campaign I like to make a list of themes I want see and use. The setting for the next campaign will be 17th century Egypt and the premise is the player characters are a budding secret society(ala Illuminate) who are racing against rivals cults to find the mcguffin hidden away in the ancient tombs of egypt. Sounds sweet to me and unique which is what my players wanted. It also sounds like A LOT of work. Oh well I'm a glutton for punishment. 

What I want to see:

  1. Secret Societies/Weird Cults
  2. Strict Dehydration/Ration Tracking.
  3. Tomb Robbing/Hiring locals of questionable(none) loyalty.
  4. Heavy Emphasis on Traps/Less Monsters More Traps.
  5. THE Mummy, not multiple. Stalks the party if set loose, Michael Myers style.
  6. Unique Treasure/Spells.
  7. Amulets of Protection.
  8. Something weird with the Nile River.
  9. Lots of death by crocodiles.
  10. Mirages, and Oases with a weird twist.
Soon friend, soon.