Saturday, March 9, 2019

O Povo do Buraco #1 [Review]

For me any ttrpg material should fulfill two things: A) easy usability & B) They should be fun(for me) to read. Obviously A is more valuable but I read alot more than I play and think alot of others do too. Any material I review here will have three categories: a brief Summary of the product, the material's Usability & it's (subjective)Entertainment Value.


O Povo do Buraco #1(The People of the Hole) is a 33 page pay what you want Brazilian fanzine written by authors Carlos Silva & Tertoleone with art done by Diego Santos for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and other OSR systems. O Povo do Buraco features Weird NPCs, Magic Items, a village generator remenicent of Scenic Dunsmith and a cabin/Inn adventure. Interestingly it has some tips & tricks at the end regarding how to run a LotFP campaign.

Note: O Povo do Buraco is written in English. Or was translated to English? Im not sure but its definitely readable.


The village generator has you throw different sized dice on some paper and you use the results to determine which villager is aligned with which faction, who's on drugs, etc. I've always been hesitant on this method. Do I really want to do all this work? Just tell me what I need to know. I can understand wanting to change it up for replayability but I rarely run the same adventure more than once since I have a consistent group. I probably won't use it but can see others doing so.
The Magic Items are where this zine really shines. 10 weird items you can easily throw in any LotFP campaign. My favorite being a golden dildo from space. Yes, seriously. These items are weird and most are horribly cursed, my favorite!
The adventure written is the old who dun it kind that traps the PCs in the middle of a blizzard with eccentric NPCs. It's aight, all the NPCs have a secret they know about the others that are written in an easy to find way. There's a weird hook lurking behind the scenes and the NPCs are intresting enough with each having with it's own art. Which is great if your like me and suck at character descriptions. I'll probaby throw this somewhere in my campaign for shits and giggles.
There's a very weird NPC near the end I wont spoil but I guarantee its weird.
The tips & tricks sections at the end is pretty common sense stuff but is decent for those with 0 experience running LotFP stuff. 
Overall I'd say this zine's content is usable at the table, especially in regards to the magic items. 

The Entertainment Value

Im a huge fan of zines, the idea of some nobody guy throwing his heart & soul into something for fun really gets my old cockles flowing. One day I'll be that nobody guy! Anyways If you like fanzines & LotFP definitely pick this one up and throw the authors some coffee money. It's a fun read just for the cultural differences alone. Also, it has ALOT of original art that pushes it a peg up compared to others I've read. I can see the authors put alot of effort & love into this and it shows. I had a good time and I think you will too if you pick up O Povo do Buraco!

Stay tuned when I take a look at Issue 2 later this month!

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